That Alarming CBD Liver Damage Study Is Bunk—And the Media Should Know Better

It’s 2019 and we still live in a world where one small study, on mice, with a highly questionable methodology, published in a marginal journal, with major flaws, leads to a clickbait media panic. Recently, you may [...]

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Scientists Confirm Cannabis Has Been Helping Society for 10,000 Years

Cannabis has been around for a long, long time. We know this much is true. But as Marijuana Moment recently reported, a scientific study examining its history shows cannabis has been helping society for 10,000 years. The fifteen-page scientific review in the [...]

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Despite CBD’s Popularity, Americans Still Don’t Understand Its Effects And Capabilities

There’s always been some confusion when it comes to the differences between CBD and THC. The latter, and much more famous compound, has been the subject of dozens of pop culture references and discussions; the former is [...]

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